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The energetic effects of our heredity on our health and well-being. Does our heredity really matter?

Updated: May 2, 2019

There is a growing awareness that it is not our DNA, our genetic code, that preempts illness in our lives but was does is actually the feelings of powerlessness, created from the belief that we may fall victim to our family's medical history, that can trigger the genetic code to manifest an "inherited" illness. We can call this the Nocebo Effect which is a perception or belief that has a negative impact on a persons physiology.

How we perceive the world and our selves in it, our belief systems as well as our emotional states, collectively termed our epigenetics, have a huge impact on our physical health. Dr Joe Dispenza as well as Dr Bruce Lipton have given us some of the most valuable insights explaining this mind-body connection and the negative effects of epigenetics.

The mind-body connection is ancient knowledge that is re-surfacing and being used in holistic health and energy medicine that is readily available to us. This knowledge tells us that we do have control over changing the biology of our physical body by identifying and releasing repressed emotions, changing any negative belief systems and letting go of false perceptions.

Other factors we can control that need to be taken into account, as they also play a role in influencing our self healing capabilities and well-being, are those external stressors we've been exposed to.

Living with the influences of energy around us, natural and otherwise
The effects of the energy all around us.

Environmental stressors such as geopathic stress lines, underground water, ley lines, electromagnetic radiation, noise and air pollution, overpopulation as well as chemical stressors from the use of allopathic medications and ingestion of the heavy metals and toxins from our diet all create shock to both our energetic and physical systems that affect our emotional and mental well-being.

Most of us are however unaware of the energetic stress we experience that we don't have control over. Negative energy we are exposed to that radiates from other people who are connected to us through our direct and non-direct bloodline. This negative energy is created from trauma, negative emotional and anxiety states, negative thought forms, a belief system or a phobia carried down from generation to generation that is stored in the subconscious mind of family members.

We call this form of heredity Perpetuating Gene Faults and they affect not only the meridian system but the chakra system as well. The meridian malfunctions one can experience from these energetic stressors prevents the maximum amount of life force energy to flow through the body which slows down our self-healing capabilities and prevents optimal biological functioning. Chakra malfunctions result in a lack of appropriate emotional processing, negative coping mechanisms and having a direct relationship to the mind-body connection, leads to dis-ease on the mental and emotional levels which we now know leads to physical illness.

So it seems that our genetics do play a part in our health and well-being but in a way that is hidden in the subconscious mind. Healing the body and mind should therefore take the whole Soul experience into account through a holistic approach by investigating both the hereditary and epigenetic factors affecting ones overall well-being.

Learn more about the HiddenMind approach and how this holistic energy healing modality supports healing at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Much Love and Light

Janine S Zitianellis HiddenMind Holistic Therapist

Nothing in this blog is intended as medical or psychological advice. Energy healing is not a replacement for conventional medicine. Whenever you have concerns about your health or mental well being, you should seek and follow the advice of a qualified medical or mental health practitioner.

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