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Thoughts from a facilitator of energy healing - the unseen world we tap into.

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

What is this unseen world that energy healers work in? Those looking in from the outside seem to think it is a mystical magickal world, and of course it is, but this magickal world becomes the most natural way of living when you commit to being of service as a Lightworker.

The unseen magick.

In this interview with Tania Van Pelt, who goes around the world having conversations around the etheric realms, we discuss my experience of working with both positive and negative energy, how to keep our energy clear and protected by using some of the practical magick tools I utilize.

Tania questions my thoughts on the concept of 'evil' which I explain comes in different forms.

From negative attachments in the form of cords or entities, to expired soul contracts or spiritual vows, evil intentions can affect many aspects of our lives.

As a Lightworker one of my responsibilities, I feel, is to identify these negative energies and remove them from my clients energy field to ensure they are not being influenced by a low frequency energy. This raises the question however of why I would want to co-create a reality that contains this negative energy that can cause pain and suffering? Maybe it's karma or necessary life lessons that need to be learnt. These are a few of the questions I continue to grapple with and till now I choose to accept that I have been introduced to this side of energy work because it has a role to play in my learning and purpose to serve as a Divine Servant to bestow the gift of Grace to dissolve negative energy. 

Although I am of service in this area of energy healing and available to those who have chosen to experience the dark side of the etheric realms my focus is to support those who choose a life of Love and Light by facilitating clearing negative blocks from the energy body. This negative energy comes in the form of limiting beliefs, false perceptions and negative emotions we hold onto that create blocks to enjoying a fulfilling life. There are however also external influences which fall into the category of the unseen world that also affects our well-being. See my previous blog Does our heredity really matter? where I talk about the affects of our epigenetics and the importance of clearing ancestral trauma from your energy field.

Click on this link to get the full interview about my current views of the unseen world energy healers work in. Practical Magick with energy healer Janine Zitianellis - www.

With much Love and Light

Janine S Zitianellis Lightworker & Facilitator of energy healing

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