Chakra Healing

A chakra is an energy centre that serves the purpose of supporting us to create a life that is enriching. The chakra healing I facilitate focuses on developing and healing the 7 major energy centres that govern the 7 main aspects of our being.   of our  we can develop and tap into to support us that In response to life experiences and trauma, we block the emotional pain associated with events which cause our energy centres also known as our chakras to become either under-active or over-active. To learn a little about how a chakra functions and how it is able to affects us on a physical, emotional and mental level click here.


An unbalanced chakra leads to an unbalanced flow of life force energy which then effects how we are able to effectively deal with different aspects of life. These aspects of life are also seen as different dimensions of our physical and spiritual realities that if activated brings about the activation of energy that supports us in creating and experiencing a life that is fulfilling.


Abundance in all aspects of life can be achieved by developing each of the seven major energy centres by orientating our awareness to work through specific key issues that will allow you to achieve specific goals that ensure each of the 7 spiritual life lessons are learnt and the 7 sacred truths are acknowledged so that you can move to the highest dimensions of our reality. 



The first energy centre, the root chakra, orientates our energy towards decisions and actions necessary for self-preservation. Through a balanced and strong root chakra we are able to learn to stand on our own two feet, face our worst fears and become independent and self-reliant. Its purpose is to create a sense of safety in the world.

Sacral Chakra.png

The second energy centre, the sacral chakra, orientates our energy to decisions and actions for our self-gratification. Through a balanced and strong sacral chakra we foster positive partnerships to have our secondary needs met without guilt of experiencing the joys of life. Its purpose is allow us to experience all of life.

Solar Plexus.png

The third energy centre, the solar plexus chakra, orientates the use of our energy towards decisions and actions for our self-definition process. A balanced and strong solar plexus allows us to dare to be different, release any shame and master our energy by taking the action we wish to take that is purpose driven. It's purpose is to transform us into the unique being we really are.

Heart Chakra.png

The forth energy centre, the heart chakra orientates our energy towards self-acceptance. A balanced and strong heart chakra allows us to develop our compassion and bring balance into all areas of our life, most importantly the balance between giving and receiving of love.


The fifth energy centre, the throat chakra orientates our energy towards choosing to honestly communicate our truth through self-expression. A balanced and strong throat chakra purifies our words so that what we say and what we do resonates as our truth.  

Third Eye.png

The sixth energy centre, the brow or third eye chakra, orientates our energy towards self-reflection. A balanced and strong brow chakra allows us to see the negative, limiting patterns in our lives and with the strength of the intuition that it offers allows us to to live a life without illusions.

Crown Chakra.jpg

The seventh energy centre, the crown chakra, orientates our energy towards gaining self-knowledge. With a balanced and open crown chakra we expand our consciousness and connect to all that is with the growing understanding of the power of living in the present moment, being selfless and releasing all attachments to earthly things.


If there is a block in anyone of these energy centres, reaching higher levels of awareness, understanding is a struggle and psychological, emotional and physical distress may occur.

Chakra healing therefore focuses on developing, unblocking/clearing and re-balancing over-active and under-active energy centres of the seven major chakras of this energetic system which allows one to more easily face the challenges life brings us to learn the sacred truths each of the chakras represents in spiritual evolution resulting in acceptance and a sense of peace and overall well-being.

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