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Janine Zitianellis is an intuitive energy healer offering a holistic and integrated approach to supporting those who are looking for healing of the physical body, releasing negative emotional states, changing limiting mental processes or spiritual development and growth in consciousness awareness. 

Janine qualified as a Reiki practitioner in 2013 and became internationally certified as an Energy Healer, having received a certificate of distinction,  in 2015 for the two-year healing course which is accredited with the British Alliance of Healing Associations.


Her fascination with the mind-body connection led her to further study the impact of negative thoughts and emotions on the physical body. Seeing the connection and impact led her to become a Access Consciousness Bars® practitioner, PSYCH-K® facilitator as well as a HiddenMind therapist where she is able to facilitate change on the spiritual, psychological, emotional and physical levels with her clients. 

Janine is also a teacher and presenter of training courses on the subject of Energy Healing through the School of Intuition and Healing and in her private capacity, practices energy medicine on a one-on-one basis where she identifies and clears negative and blocked energy through the different energy healing modalities she has been trained in. Through these different modalities she quickly identifies and facilitates releasing that which is blocking her clients from reaching their full potential.


I am Gentle and Calm

I Trust

I am Humble and Grateful

I am Focused on my Spiritual Development

I am kind to Myself and Others


- Usui Reiki Mantra

As an example of how energy healing can change one’s life by personally overcoming chronic pain on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels where I was numbed out, angry and unhappy I am now enjoying a beautifully fulfilling and abundant life. I am therefore passionate about facilitating the same transformation I experienced for my clients.

My intention is to support my clients by working from a grounded, heart centred space while they discover and process their energetic blocks, heal from their traumas and create the life they deserve through acceptance and gratitude.

I am dedicated to being a part of my clients healing process and their spiritual growth for the highest good of all so that they may learn to accept and love themselves unconditionally.

Trained to hold sacred space for people from all walks of life my clients range from children to corporate business people,pensioners and students who are going through challenging times or who are looking for a spiritual coach to support them with their spiritual evolution. 

Being a Lightworker and Red Lunar Skywalker I am also focused on the overall intention of being of service to raise the consciousness and frequency of humanity, bringing healing and balance to our planet by offering my gift as a channel.

2019 Interview with Adrian Nelson from Soul Speaks chatting about our intentions as a facilitator of healing.

2018 Interview with Tania Van Pelt from Practical Magick.


Janine played a pivotal role in my spiritual awakening! She was the first practitioner that I turned to when I awoke, who helped me to clear, cleanse and heal emotional blocks, and helped me to understand and embrace my worth and power.  Landy Coleman. Cape Town - December  2019

I just wanted to thank you so much for everything. Since I've had my healing sessions with you I am more aware and more attune to my surroundings and my intuition. Which is allowing me to connect with myself to know what I really want in life. I am so appreciative of how you are helping me with that. Denise Estrada. Houston Texas - April 2019

Janine is an amazing healer and holds the space sacredly each time we meet. I felt safe from the first session and chose to surrender and let the magic do it's work in a very safe space with a very gifted woman. Her gentleness, warmth, commitment and focus is instantly felt and appreciated. Lara S. Cape Town - September 2015

Janine is a truly beautiful soul. Her warmth and love along with acceptance is immediately felt when in her presence. I loved how flexible she was in all my sessions and how she just seems to know what is needed. I have never felt so peaceful and balanced as I have after spending time with her. Gillian D. Marketing. Cape Town - October 2015 

Janine is very present, intuitive and insighful. Loved our connection. Working with Janine has helped me to trust the process so implicitly, I am happy to refer my clients, family and friends. Patricia H. Life Coach. Cape Town - September 2015


 It's easy.


CONTACT: Janine Zitianellis

MOBILE: +27 83 764 2177

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