The three principle routes to healing.

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

There are three very powerful routes you can focus your attention on when searching for healing that creates a sense of peace and fulfilment in your life.

All three routes strengthen your connection to the earth energy by literally sending tree of your roots down into the earth. We call this earthing also known as grounding which is an energy management tool that connects your energetic body more deeply with the earth energy. You do this by visualizing two roots growing from the souls of your feet and a third root from the base of your spine which starts within an open and balanced root chakra, the first energy centre of your energetic body.

The calming effect of these deeper connections occurs not only because it allows you to release excess built up energy created from the interactions with the world, this connection also allows you to receive the nurturing frequencies from the earth energy that grounds and protects your energetic body.

The more grounded you are, the deeper your connection. You feel safe to meet life's challenges that are perceived to threatened your survival. You begin to face your fears and stand on your own two feet, stand up for how you wish to create your own life. A life where no matter what is happening around you, you know you can get your basic needs met, you can survive.

Being ungrounded or having an unbalanced first energy centre disconnects you from the earth energy and cuts you off from these frequencies. This creates fear as there is a feeling of being unsupported by life as it becomes experienced as being challenging. The energetic imbalance in the root chakra results from situations where you once felt unsafe in situations when you felt your life was threatened. Feelings and beliefs that the world is an unsafe place not only get stored as truth from personal experiences but can also get anchored into the subconscious mind from inherited trauma. This unprocessed ancestral trauma is carried in ones DNA as limiting beliefs.

Once in the subconscious mind these limiting beliefs give you instructions on how to respond to life from the perception that it is an unsafe place, where life is hard which directly effects the functioning of the whole chakra system and every decision you make.