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Energetic cords are the invisible links we form with people who have come into our lives. Whether it is your partner, friends, a close work colleague or family member, these cords are formed with the intention of forming a direct line of communication between two people. Cords may also form between a person and an object, goal or situation that the person obsesses about.
Cords are usually temporary, dissolving once the mutual energy exchange or energetic contract is complete. These energetic links are usually positive energy exchanges which nourish the energy and emotional states of one person to another such as between a mother and her baby.  
They may also be negative such as when the energy of the corded person is manipulated by the one creating the cord. These may be formed at a conscious level through a person's wish to gain energy from or the need for strength or control. 
Negative cords can form after an intense, long term relationship has ended which effect ones emotions and behavior. They can go unnoticed but in some cases create physical problems such as aches, pains and exhaustion. Depending on the Chakra they are attached to will give an indication of the intention of the cord. 
Whether these negative cords are formed on an unconscious or conscious level, they effect a person's energy and result not only in dysfunctional relationships, but are also experienced as having a subtle unsettling feelings as we are controlled by someone else's intentions. 
When a cord does not dissolve but remains attached, to either a Chakra or part of the body, they cause blocks in the energy flow of the person being corded to. In this case the cord may be created subconsciously, out of fear, through the continual thought of a person they wish to remain connected to.
Cutting the negative energetic ties with people, places, goals or objects clears away the blocks they create in the energy field of a person.
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