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The HiddenMind programme has proven to be most beneficial in treating those with special needs and persistent conditions such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression, mental health issues, insomnia and chronic pain disorders.

The programme involves identifying the hidden causes of physical dis-ease and negative psycho-emotional states causing the dis-ease by using vibrational kinesiology to discover which energetic system and biological systems of the human body are not functioning optimally and through the use of crystals, sound and colour healing corrects the malfunction which stimulates the body’s natural ability to self heal.

The energetic body consists of three main electrical systems of the human body, namely the chakras, aura and meridians. The frequencies of the 7 main chakras, 7 auric fields and 14 meridians make up the 28 cardinal frequencies that each contribute to the homeostasis of the human body.  Any malfunctions to the cardinal frequencies of the body’s energetic systems results in problems to the physical body and all of its biological systems.


The 28 cardinal frequencies can become altered by experiencing trauma through either spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, environmental or chemical shock that has not been processed. Unprocessed, trauma is recorded in the subconscious mind which acts then to make alterations to a way of being by developing programmes with sets of instructions that effect the functions of our energetic and physical body. 

If the programmes are running faulty instructions on how the physical and energetic body should function it creates malfunctions and deviations which results in emotional and physical pain.  To promote self healing the subconscious mind therefore needs to be consulted which is possible through the HiddenMind Investigative Protocol.

A HiddenMind therapist is able to elicit the most accurate information from the subconscious mind of the client that it necessary for a correction to occur on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. 

By recruiting the subconscious mind and with permission from the clients Higher Self, which allows for corrections to occur, the statements used in the vibrational kinesiology utilised acts as a bio-feedback mechanism for the HiddenMind therapist who works on the premise that a clients subconscious mind knows what the maximum function and frequency of their physical and non-physical being should be and therefore can indicate to the therapist when any energetic or biological systems are not functioning at maximum.

The HiddenMind protocol is designed to continue investigating until all stored information is accessed, all probable malfunctions have been tested and source of the symptoms have been identified which can come in the form of shock or negative experiences at the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or environmental levels from pre-birth.

The subconscious mind has an incredible capacity to utilise sound frequency to influence the regeneration of cells, organs, bone, tissue, and blood. Sound frequencies can therefore dramatically improve healing rates and restore homeostasis and balance. The HiddenMind Corrective Sound Protocol involves the use of special sound frequencies or harmonics as part of the overall corrective procedure. The instruments used are of Tibetan and Balinese origin and come from the Vedic / Hindu heritage. These sound frequencies are a synthesis of chakra bowls, chakra bells, copper horns, symbols, gongs and an array of oriental instruments that have been used for thousands of years in the monasteries by priests and holy men to convey vital information from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind and to the biological and physiological reality of the person.

Once identified the use of sound frequencies are employed to reconnect and carry the original perfect blue print information of the client to restore their cardinal frequencies, deleting the memory of shock and restoring homeostasis to all aspects of the person.

The programme is run over 3 consecutive days with a 4th followup day if necessary. For more information you can visit the Ireland website where the programme was developed: 

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As I am dyslexic (The HiddenMind protocol) appealed to me as a method to possibly address this issue. I have comprehension dyslexia which means that what I hear or read is not always clearly interpreted in my brain. After 3 sessions I have found that when reading something I no longer have to go back to make sure that what I have read is what I comprehend it to be. I have been testing myself for the last 10 days. I am able to speak more clearly, almost as though the thought to word speed and pattern have become more aligned.


Going down steps, I have always placed both feet onto the step to descent steps. After the first HiddenMind session I was going down steps (with ease). I also noticed that my fear of using an escalator has gone.

My facial features have changed. Originally my eyebrows were out of line. They are now balanced. My mouth has less drooping the right side, almost as though my right side has lifted slightly. This may be due to the skull bone re-alignment that was addressed.

The neck pain and clicking vanished during the third session and the joint pain in my right thumb and wrist has disappeared completely. I can comfortably hold a pen again and am able to use my tools without any twinge of discomfort or pain. This can only be attributed to the (HiddenMind) treatment as I have not done anything else to alleviate the pain except take painkillers. I don't need these anymore either.  Megan Davies. Cape Town - March 2019



"I definitely feel a major shift in emotions, I feel so much lighter and am so much more positive... my children feel like they have their mom back and that’s such a major thing. The emotional healing that I’ve had with my experience (of healing the physical ) with you has been more than anything that I can ever tell you... I’ve realised how important our emotional state is in healing on the physical level.  I’m going into work every day, since seeing you which I haven’t been able to do in over 2 years and it feels so good because I can deal with (work issues) again and feel I have a place. Thank you Janine. " -  Linsay .  Director. Cape Town - March 2019

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