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Client Feedback

I really just wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for the work you do. Yesterday felt so beneficial for me and I was truly touched by how much you give with your healing sessions.

I had a massive emotional release last night which was so beautiful and I think it probably had to do with clearing you did. Just wanted to say thank you, I really cant express how grateful I am! " Kyle Meintjes. Breathwork and Meditation Coach. Cape Town - April  2024

"Thank you Janine, for your beautiful healing today and always. You have been blessed with a caring and extraordinary ability, deep understanding and profound consciousness. " Fahiem Stellenbooml- Manager. Cape Town -  January  2021

"An energetic massage is exactly it.  Feels better than going to a spa for a day and having all sorts of treatments." Jean Mortlock. Project Manager. Cape Town -  November 2020

"The therapist he sees says the only reason she can account for the huge progress in him is the work you did on him (Access Bars sessions). He's a different child. Also at school. He's been asking to see you for ages!"- Sarah Bailey. Psychologist. Cape Town - September 2020

I just wanted to thank you so much for everything. Since I've had my healing sessions with you I am more aware and more attune to my surroundings and my intuition. Which is allowing me to connect with myself to know what I really want in life. I am so appreciative of how you are helping me. Denise.  PA. Houston Texas - April 2019

As I am dyslexic (The HiddenMind protocol) appealed to me as a method to possibly address this issue. I have comprehension dyslexia which means that what I hear or read is not always clearly interpreted in my brain. After 3 sessions I have found that when reading something I no longer have to go back to make sure that what I have read is what I comprehend it to be. I have been testing myself for the last 10 days. I am able to speak more clearly, almost as though the thought to word speed and pattern have become more aligned.


Going down steps, I have always placed both feet onto the step to descent steps. After the first HiddenMind session I was going down steps (with ease). I also noticed that my fear of using an escalator has gone.

My facial features have changed. Originally my eyebrows were out of line. They are now balanced. My mouth has less drooping the right side, almost as though my right side has lifted slightly. This may be due to the skull bone re-alignment that was addressed.

The neck pain and clicking vanished during the third session and the joint pain in my right thumb and wrist has disappeared completely. I can comfortably hold a pen again and am able to use my tools without any twinge of discomfort or pain. This can only be attributed to the (HiddenMind) treatment as I have not done anything else to alleviate the pain except take painkillers. I don't need these anymore either.  Megan Davies. Cape Town - March 2019

I definitely feel a major shift in emotions, I feel so much lighter and am so much more positive... my children feel like they have their mom back and that’s such a major thing. The emotional healing that I’ve had with my experience (of healing the physical ) with you has been more than anything that I can ever tell you... I’ve realised how important our emotional state is in healing on the physical level.  I’m going into work every day, since seeing you which I haven’t been able to do in over 2 years and it feels so good because I can deal with (work issues) again and feel I have a place. Thank you Janine.  Linsay S.  Director. Cape Town - March 2019

The theory that we learnt was very informative & explained to us properly. Janine has truly wonderful energy & is good with dealing with different individuals. I always felt that she cared about our well being and was guiding the class with love. Roxanne Thorpe. Journey Through the Chakras - September 2018

 Janine has a powerful and passionate presence and it was a wonderful experience to be part of her course. Karin. Journey Through the Chakras - April 2017

Janine is a wonderful facilitator with great insights and practical examples. Tamplyn Newdigate. Journey Through  the Chakras - April 2017 

Janine is an amazing healer and holds the space sacredly each time we meet. I felt safe from the first session and chose to surrender and let the magic do it's work in a very safe space with a very gifted women. Her gentleness, warmth, commitment and focus is instantly felt and appreciated. Lara. Cape Town - September 2015

Janine is a truly beautiful soul. Her warmth and love along with acceptance is immediately felt when in her presence. I loved how flexible she was in all my sessions and how she just seems to know what is needed. I have never felt so peaceful and balanced as I have after spending time with her. Gillian. Cape Town - October 2015 

Janine is very present, intuitive and insighful. Loved our connection. Working with Janine has helped me to trust the process so implicitly, I am happy to refer my clients, family and friends. Patricia. Life Coach. Cape Town - September 2015

I have a far better understanding of the chakras and the difference between a balanced and unbalanced chakra and how to balance them. I also learnt the ability to see where other people are lacking in the balance of their chakras.   George Hay. Journey Through the Chakras - September 2018

As a tutor and person Janine is warm, intelligent and very approachable and created a nurturing environment for us to learn in. Leigh Bosch. Journey Through the Chakras - September 2018

  I am honored and blessed to be apart of your journey.

Thank you for your kind words  

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