Energetic Body Work


We are made up of energy and run different energetic systems in and around our energetic body to maintain homeostasis and overall well-being.  These energy systems namely the aura, chakras and meridian system ensures not only that we are protected and resilient to negative external forces but also supports us on our journey to higher levels of consciousness and maintains the flow of life force energy needed for self healing at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.


Energetic Body work is a form of healing these energy systems by identifying energy blocks and imbalances in the subtle bodies of the energetic body. Once identified, the blocks are cleared away at the spiritual level through cord cutting, ancestral healing, or soul retrieval clearing away the effect of these potential negative energies.

Within the mental level of our subtle body any false perceptions, negative thought forms or limiting beliefs create negative psychological states which affect the energetic body. Once identified, the science of neuroplasticity through the process of PSYCH-K® is used to remove any limiting thoughts to manifest abundance in health, relationships or finances.

The emotional body holds stored emotions and those negative emotional states that result from traumas which created pockets of stored negative energy that affect not only the energy body but also the meridians and organs of the physical body. These stored/trapped negative emotions are released through a form of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) releasing trauma at the cellular level.

Stressors at the physical level are also identified by investigating any environmental factors such as toxicity, trauma through accidents or birth shock that has affected the meridian blueprint.


The auric field and chakras are also addressed and life force energy is then channeled into the client to support healing at these levels which also increases their overall energy frequency allowing deeply embedded blocks to come up to be cleared.

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