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Meridians - The healing pathways of the body

Updated: May 2, 2019

The meridian system, now scientifically proven to exist (yay!), is the network of energy channels running through our body. Traditionally used in acupuncture, they carry the life force energy we need to stay healthy. A healthy meridian system is the perfect schematic plan of our physical body so any deviation from this plan is going to cause dis-ease, discomfort and pain.

Deviations in these channels, that can come from physical, emotional or mental trauma, can stop the flow of our vital life force energy that runs through the organs and vital systems of our body. If this energy stagnates or stops moving, illness sets in.

Ancient cultures knew this so kept their energy channels open and balanced through the practice of energy medicine. In modern times we can do the same. Chi Gong, Tai Chi, yoga, meditation or going for meridian clearing gets our vital energy moving again, supports the clearing out of blockages and corrects deviations in these channels bringing about healing and over all well-being.

Meridian clearing is a vital part of the energy healing process because the more stagnant and negative energy you can remove, the more space there is for healing energy to enter the body.

We all have natural self-healing capabilities but we sometimes just need the assistance of an energy healer to create the space for it to happen.

Nothing in this blog is intended as medical or psychological advice. Energy healing is not a replacement for conventional medicine. Whenever you have concerns about your health or mental well being, you should seek and follow the advice of a qualified medical or mental health practitioner.

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