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"I tune down the chattering of the mind to receive messages from the divine within and anchor them into the heart. "

"I come from South America, you can primarily find me in Brasil and Peru. I am a very rare and sacred shamanic snuff powder. Born from medicinal plants, trees, leaves, seeds from the Amazon my blend is mixed carefully by different indigenous tribes.

My qualities are re-balancing, grounding, clearing, sharply piercing through any energetic debris or blockages to help you channel your energy from inward out into the universe."

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Every ancient culture has used tobacco as a sacred medicine to heal and pray.

The Inca and Mayan peoples believed the gods gave us Tobacco to feed the spirit. The Native Indians use it as a sacred offering to Great Spirit, the Asian and African indigenous peoples use Tobacco to feed and protect the Spirit.

Rapèh is an non-addictive tobacco known as ‘Mapacho’ mixed with the ash of grandfather trees from the Amazon. It is a very powerful, profoundly healing and cleansing on many levels aimed to connect one to the spirits of nature invoking the power to bring about physical and spiritual healing.

In ceremony, it is administered as a snuff that is blown into the nose with a ‘Tepi’ pipe. It is used to extract imbalances and ground the individual in focus and clarity.  It improves connection to the spirit world and releases any sickness in the blood of the physical body and emotional parasites from the energy body.


Journey Through the Chakras is an 8-week course exploring the development and flow of consciousness through the chakra system by taking an in-depth look at the purpose of each of the 7 major chakras in our spiritual development.

Discover what each chakra is responsible for developing in our lives through the challenges each one brings. Challenges that we face and overcome in order for us to become more conscious beings.

We will also be looking at what causes imbalance in each of the chakras, which results in blocking the flow of vital energy we need to live a balanced and beautiful life.


Learn how to recognise if your chakra’s are functioning in an under-energised or over-energised state and become active contributors to your healing journey by utilising the chakra-specific healing tools and techniques taught and practiced in each class.

Optional tools to purchase would be the crystals and essential oils used to balance each of the chakras, chakra incense, chakra teas and Chakra Crystal Essence.

Next Course Date: To be confirmed
Duration: 8-weeks
Day: Wednesday evenings

Time: 19h00-21h00

R2500 per participant

1 Extra small cutout white butterfly for
1 Extra small cutout white butterfly for

These private, one-on-one, ceremonies are a sacred time to heal and pray as the medicine

of the Rape'h moves through the energy field.  

connectingto the higher heart

Connecting to the Higher Heart is a 12-week programme for youth that are feeling disconnected from themselves, their lives, their joy.

We focus on identifying and releasing trapped emotions and limiting beliefs. 

Activities aimed to support reconnecting to their spirit.

Learning tools to manage their energy.

Develop healthy relationships with themselves

Includes Sacred ceremonies to honour who they are and rediscover passion for life.


Next Course Date: To be confirmed

Duration: 12-weeks

Day: Friday evenings

R3800 per participant

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