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COVID - A time to heal the Root Chakra by overcoming our fear of survival.

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Of the many positive results we are witnessing that are related to the changes that have currently been made, I feel one of the obvious opportunities we have at this time is to take a look at the energetic state of our first energy centre, also known as the Root Chakra.

Why do I suggest this? Well one of the main challenges we'll face in our lives is to create prosperity and a feeling of being safe in the world. In order to accomplish this we need a balanced Root Chakra because it is this energy centre that holds the set of instructions that help us to survive. In order for this programme to function in a conscious way we need to surrender to what we are most afraid of and let any fears that threaten our survival become clear to us. This energy centre connects us to our physical body and with the earth energy where we can once again acknowledge that we are all one.

COVID is literally forcing us to look at all of this. It is giving us the opportunity to see life differently, to separate ourselves from beliefs and tribal laws that no longer serve us. We have been given the time, forced into lock-down to re-evaluate what we feel is enough for us to survive, not what society has told us is enough. We will come out the other side of this with a very strong foundation that will allow us to move into higher levels of consciousness that can create a life of abundance for all.

Healing the Root Chakra, that energy centre designed to support us in overcoming exactly that which the COVID has created, the fear of our survival, we can manifest a new world. One where we can take back control of our health and wellness and live without constant fear.

I will be posting a few more videos demonstrating how to support this energy centre over the next few days as and when I am inspired by Source and hope to hear from you so that I can support you through this time. Here is the first one.

Many blessings


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