Energetic Cords- How they effect our Chakras

Updated: May 2, 2019

Energetic Cords are the unseen energetic ties we have with life. They come and go depending on the needs of the people involved. When these cords do not naturally dissipate and the energetic tie remains, pasts its contract date, the energy exchange can begin to create issues on the physical, emotional and mental levels of our body.

A cord is created consciously or unconsciously by someone who, out of fear or a need, is then able to control an aspect of the person they have corded to. I find that these cords are sometimes encouraged by both parties involved and it is in the investigating of what the cord is about that very interesting information comes out.

People who find it difficult to communicate their needs may cord to the Throat Chakra of someone who they feel communicates with ease. Or a person may cord to the Throat Chakra with the intension of trying to control what the other persons says.