The Svadisthana - Sacral Chakra

Purpose : Movement & Connection Demon: Guilt

Key issues to face: | Needs to be met:

Sexuality & Change | Self-gratification & Emotional stability

The Sacral Chakra is seen to be orange in colour and is positioned 4 fingers down from the belly button inside the pelvis. It is linked to the adrenal glands and reproductive organs in females. It is the emotional centre of our being, moving us towards experiencing pleasure and honouring our desires and needs. Ideally we want to do this without attaching to the feelings of guilt which may arise when reclaiming the right to these needs.

Symbol of the Sacral Chakra

The moral values we are taught as children drive us to believe there is only good and bad. This thinking polarizes our mind and body. The world becomes balck and white and we therefore do not give ourselves a chance to explore our true nees and desires out of fear of being punished for having them.

Our needs are rejected out of guilt for having them and we push our rejected self “our shadow side” away. The more we push this away, the more it wants to come out and we see this through acts of self-sabotage.

Guilt also brings with it the drive for flawless behaviour but we don’t realise that this inhibits the natural energetic flow through the body. When guilt becomes excessive and habitual it stops being a guide and becomes toxic. It stops us from feeling therefore becoming the demon of the second chakra. When we are unable to satisf