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The Svadisthana - Sacral Chakra

Purpose : Movement & Connection Demon: Guilt

Key issues to face: | Needs to be met:

Sexuality & Change | Self-gratification & Emotional stability

The Sacral Chakra is seen to be orange in colour and is positioned 4 fingers down from the belly button inside the pelvis. It is linked to the adrenal glands and reproductive organs in females. It is the emotional centre of our being, moving us towards experiencing pleasure and honouring our desires and needs. Ideally we want to do this without attaching to the feelings of guilt which may arise when reclaiming the right to these needs.

The moral values we are taught as children drive us to believe there is only good and bad. This thinking polarizes our mind and body. The world becomes balck and white and we therefore do not give ourselves a chance to explore our true nees and desires out of fear of being punished for having them.

Our needs are rejected out of guilt for having them and we push our rejected self “our shadow side” away. The more we push this away, the more it wants to come out and we see this through acts of self-sabotage.

Guilt also brings with it the drive for flawless behaviour but we don’t realise that this inhibits the natural energetic flow through the body. When guilt becomes excessive and habitual it stops being a guide and becomes toxic. It stops us from feeling therefore becoming the demon of the second chakra. When we are unable to satisfy our instinctual needs, out of the guilt for having these needs, we stop the free flow and our Sacral Chakra gets blocked.

Having an imbalanced Sacral Chakra makes it difficult to feel emotions, to let go or be in the flow of life. This rigidity pulls us away from our senses which prevent us from feeling and creating emotions. Transformation cannot occur if we deny or do not allow our emotions develop and surface. How are we then to know what to work on, within ourselves, for our spiritual evolution? We end up losing our excitement and motivation for life.

Here are lists of the symptoms most likely to be experienced if your energy is blocked and not flowing freely through your Sacral Chakra:

Physical Symptoms of an imbalanced or blocked Base Chakra

  • Sexual dysfunction

  • Menstrual difficulties

  • Urinary system issues

  • Reproductive disorders

Emotional States as Symptoms of an imbalanced or blocked Base Chakra

  • Volatile

  • Jealousy

  • Overly Sensitive

  • Emotionally numb

  • Emotionally manipulative

  • Emotional (prone to tears)

  • Emotional unstable/ needy

  • Feelings of guilt, fear, shame

Mental States as Symptoms of an imbalanced or blocked Base Chakra

  • Eating disorders

  • Poor boundaries

  • Blocked creativity

  • Lack of confidence

  • Addictive behaviour

  • Lack of desire or passion

  • Overly concerned with duties

Spiritual States as Symptoms of an imbalanced or blocked Base Chakra

  • Self-sabotage

  • Lack of awareness of one’s self

  • Inability to allow pleasure in one’s life

  • Lack of awareness of one’s own needs

Balancing and clearing your Sacral Chakra, through the receiving of energy healing, supports the healing of all of these issues while opening up your creativity and enjoyment in life to feel freedom to enjoy healthy sexuality.

Basic excercises and ideas you may find help keep your Sacral Chakra clear and in balance:​​​

1) Create movement in your life through flowing exercise such as Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi or Chakra

dancing. Any dancing will do. Journey Through Dance is a Cape Town based dance class which focuses on healing many aspects of our being. Their Chakra dance classes are created to give space for the

opening and healing of the Chakra system. (Private lessons still available)

2) Take up a class in Art, Jewellery making, pottery. Build a jungle gym for your children or learn to play guitar. Anything creative to start bringing in the creative energy these practices generate.

3) Become aware of your emotional state by journaling any emotions that come up during the day. Do

not judge these emotions. Be grateful that you feel. Pull these findings into your Inner Child work.

4) Bring in the vibration of the colour orange into your energy field by visualising it flowing into your

pelvic area. You can also light orange candles or wear an orange scarf or orange underwear for a

period of time to allow this chakra to come back into balance.

5) Recommended reading: Sexual Awakening for Women (men also benefit from this read) – by Dr

Shakti Mari Malan

6) Use a Sacral Chakra Crystal Essence for the development of your chakra. To order- R150 (excluding

If you are still experiencing symptoms of a blocked or imbalanced Base Chakra, that are negatively effecting your life, you may want to consider seeing a qualified Energy Healer. They will be trained to channel Healing Energy into your Chakra system clearing, healing and balancing your energetic system. To make an appoinment

Affirmation: “I feel deeply and easily express my needs and desires.’’

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Nothing in this blog is intended as medical or psychological advice. Energy healing is not a replacement for conventional medicine. Whenever you have concerns about your health or mental well being, you should seek and follow the advice of a qualified medical or mental health practitioner.

By Janine Zitianellis, Copyright © 2013-16 All rights reserved.

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