The Muladhara -Base Chakra

Purpose : Establish a Foundation Demon: Fear

Key issues to face: | Needs to be met:

Grounding, Trust | Self-preservation

The Base Chakra is seen to be red in colour and is positioned at the perineum. It is linked to adrenal glands and reproductive organs, in males, of the endocrine system. It's energy grounds us to the earth and connects us to our bodies. This is critical as a healthy functioning Base Chakra helps us feel safe and secure while dealing with issues around our physicality.

Symbol of Base Chakra

Having an imbalanced Base Chakra causes difficultly in trusting yourself or others. You may also struggle with setting appropriate personal boundaries or feel you are continuously struggling for survival. Your basic rights to be here and your right to have, are undermined by feelings of unjustified fear.