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The Muladhara -Base Chakra

Purpose : Establish a Foundation Demon: Fear

Key issues to face: | Needs to be met:

Grounding, Trust | Self-preservation

The Base Chakra is seen to be red in colour and is positioned at the perineum. It is linked to adrenal glands and reproductive organs, in males, of the endocrine system. It's energy grounds us to the earth and connects us to our bodies. This is critical as a healthy functioning Base Chakra helps us feel safe and secure while dealing with issues around our physicality.

Symbol of Base Chakra

Having an imbalanced Base Chakra causes difficultly in trusting yourself or others. You may also struggle with setting appropriate personal boundaries or feel you are continuously struggling for survival. Your basic rights to be here and your right to have, are undermined by feelings of unjustified fear.

When your survival is perceived to be threatened, and the continuous underlying feelings of fear move through your energy field, the nervous system and adrenal glands remain overworked. You become tired and restless. Being in a constant state of stress may eventually create high blood pressure, adrenal depletion and immune system problems.

Other symptoms commonly experienced are chronic fatigue and insomnia or may find you are clumsy or forgetful. Feelings of disconnection could also be due to an imbalanced or blocked base chakra which can even lead to distorted body image and low self-esteem.

Physically you may experience on-going skeletal issues or have problems with the kidney’s and the lower part of the body such as your knees, feet and legs.

Here are lists of the symptoms most likely to be experienced if your energy is blocked and not flowing freely through your Base Chakra:

Physical Symptoms of an imbalanced or blocked Base Chakra

  • Insomnia

  • Kidney issues

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Clumsy/sluggish

  • Low Blood Pressure

  • Immune system issues (frequent illness)

  • Weight Issues (under-weight/over-weight)

  • Skeletal body issues (especially lower part of the body)

Emotional States as Symptoms of an imbalanced or blocked Base Chakra

  • Fear

  • Depression

  • Low self-esteem

  • Anxiety/Panic attacks

  • Emotionally unstable

Mental States as Symptoms of an imbalanced or blocked Base Chakra

  • Forgetful

  • Poor focus

  • Disorganized

  • Fear of change

  • Distorted body image

  • Issues with sexual intimacy

  • Lack of security (work/ financial/ home/ relationships)

  • Poor personal boundaries/ Rigid personal boundaries

Spiritual States as Symptoms of an imbalanced or blocked Base Chakra

  • Feelings of disconnection

  • Decreased Life force energy

  • Ungroundedness (feelings of being out of your body)

Balancing and clearing your Base Chakra, through the receiving of energy healing, supports the healing of all of these issues while boosting your vitality, passion and strength.

Exercises & ideas you may find help keep your Base Chakra clear and in balance:

1) Stand with a tennis ball under your right foot (shoes and socks removed) opening the muscles of the foot and connection with the Earth. Do the same with the left foot. The more pain you feel the more

blocks are present.

2) Connect to the Earth by talking a bare-footed walk on the beach or in a forest. Keep your attention on

your feet as you take you feel the sand/ soil in-between your toes.

3) During meditation sense and feel roots growing out the soles of your feet. Growing down down

down, deep into the centre of the Earth. Feel your roots taking up the nourishment of the fertile soil

around them. Sense the earths energy come up these roots into the base of your spine. Visualise the colour red moving into and around your perineum. Sit in this moment for 5 to 10 minutes.

4) Place your hands on your thighs. Inhale the colour red into your Base Chakra - positioned at the

perineum - and flex your spine forwards at the same time. On the exhale take note of the colour that

comes out of your Base Chakra while moving your pelvic floor backwards. Do this until you see the

colour red come out of your Base Chakra. If this doesn't happen after a while try doing exercises 1-3

before trying again.

5) Use a Base Chakra Crystal Essence for the development of your chakra. To order- R150 (excluding

shipping - if neccessary) 30ml = 600 drops