The Importance of Raising Your Vibration

Vibration is the frequency that our energy body resonates at and can be said to be the non-verbal communication we have with life.

Higher vibrations are expressed through feelings and actions of love, joy, hope and peace. The higher our vibration, the more in-touch we are with our Higher-Selves and are therefore more aligned with our higher purpose.

The law of attraction comes in to play here as we find we are more attracted to that which resonates more with our own frequency. Vibrating at lower frequencies, for a prolonged period of time, will therefore result in attracting others of lower vibrations causing an array of unwanted negative energy around us.

When we are resonating with lower vibrations it also causes us to feel and express negative emotions such as anger, hate or jealousy. Living with these negative emotions, on a continuous basis, can have various harmful effects on our body, mind and spirit.

Lower vibrations mean we are operating at lower frequency which causes restriction in the energy flow within our body which results in shallow breathing. The flow of oxygen is therefore reduced and the blood supply to our body is unable to nourish our body systems.

Energetically this lower frequency causes the Chakra's to become blocked and the Aura depleted.