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What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is the practice of identifying and releasing blocked energy found within the energetic systems of the body to allow the optimal flow of Universal Life Force energy to support overall well-being. 

Re-connecting all the energetic systems, found on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual levels of being.

Physical shock, unprocessed traumas, limiting belief systems and external negative influence are processed creating the opportunity for life to become an authentic, fulfilling experience.

Bringing about deep connecting through spiritual growth, self-love and acknowledging ones personal power and the experiencing your Souls full potential.

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gaining awareness

Gaining understanding and allowance of traumatic experiences.

Acknowledging who you really are.

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releasing pain

Processing trauma, by releasing the energetic charge and emotional debris attached to past painful experiences.

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RECLAIMING YOUR Personal power

Reclaim and value your unique way of creating the life you desire.

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Learn spiritual practices that embody the new way of BEing you desire.

who would benefit from energy healing?

Everyone benefits from receiving regular energy healing because it balances the bodies natural energy flow which promotes self healing at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.


Whether you find it difficult to make positive changes in your life,


Suffer from emotional, mental or physical pain,


Would like to establish a deeper connection with your true self or


Want to actualize the life you want,


Energy healing can support you.



that energy healing

is necessary




Chronic pain

Lack of energy

Trouble sleeping

Blocked creativity

Feelings of disconnection

Difficulty letting go of fear or resentment

Confusion around your behavior or emotions

Unexplained feelings of anxiousness

Trouble expressing oneself

Addictive behaviors

Relationship issues

Health problems

Chronic Stress



Stone Tower
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healing the physical body

Supporting the body's natural ability to heal itself. Balancing the organs, glands, meridians and their bodily functions.

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healing the emotional body

Processing emotional wounds and releasing stored negative emotional states. 

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healing the mental body

Identifying limiting beliefs, and fixed points of view  replacing them with the freedom of a new way of BEing.

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healing the spiritual body

Release negative energy from ancestral lines, cutting negative cords and retrieval of split off Soul energy so we can become whole again.

'Life becomes joyous and is experienced with ease when re-establishing your connection with your true Self.'

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