Chakra System Assessments


In order to enjoy a fulfilling life we need to ensure that the information we receive from our environment is filtered and utilised optimally through our energetic bodies. If a Chakra is blocked this energy is misinterpreted and cannot flow freely through our energy system.
A Chakra assessment will show us which Chakra's are open, closed blocked or out of balance indicating the way in which you are interacting with the world. With this information we are able to understand why we are experiencing certain physical, emotional and mental reactions to situations and are then given the choice to heal through receiving Energy Healing.
Distance Healing 

Energy Healing given while being in different locations is possible through intention and by way of energy traveling via the Zero Point Field. This form of healing is offered to those individuals in need of healing who are unable to travel to receive touch therapy treatments.
Space Clearing 

The ritual of space clearing involves clearing away negative energetic imprints from your personal or business space.  This negative energy may be left behind from previous occupants, ill or deceased beings or years of accumulated stagnant energy which creates an uncomfortable, uneasy feeling. Space clearing removes those things causing discomfort and replaces it with a calm and balanced energy.
Cost would depend on number of rooms and floors needing clearing.  
Small Heading